India is about amazingly skilled man-power!

Publicity campaign: Denty’s Dental Care!

A comprehensive dental care facility housing all specialties and specialists under one roof, Denty’s brings with it, decades of practice experience, unparalleled technology and infrastructure.

Date: 11th February, Vadapalani

The work we usually do is strategizing and brain-stroming. For this particular project, we also experimented with on-floor execution and found it to be an amazing experience. On 11th February, Desto was all set to do a publicity campaign for Denty’s through news paper inserts. The tasks to be accomplished during a span of just 2 hours (4AM – 6AM ) were:

  • 38 thousand pamphlets to be inserted in 4 different news paper’s
  • 4 people =  8 man-hours, had to insert 38 thousand pamphlets

India is more about amazingly skilled man-power. With the resource we had of just 8 man-hours, one had to insert 80 pamphlets a minute i.e little more than one palmphlet a second (1.3 pamphlets a second) that too continuously for 2 hours! This looks impossible doesn’t it? But what Desto saw was a completely different game! Skilled labour who regularly do this do this insertion 2 Pamphlets per second. And have several coffee breaks in the 2 hours.

We successfully completed the campaign on the schedule and end of an amazing expirence! The next day client calls up and tells ” Good happens in excess sometimes. Rohit din’t know what exactly was the client up-to. Later the client explained that the no. of walk ins were so huge that they asked us to postpone the next day’s campaign to next week.

Sometimes Good happens in excess!

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