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Desto Creative Solutions – destined to design

Desto Creative Solutions is a startup founded by 4 students of IIT Madras namely Sandeep, Ravi, Rohit and Ram. Two of them, Ravi and Rohit, have dropped out of placements and decided to work on Desto full time while the other two are still in their pre-final years.

The word Desto stems out from the phrase “destined to design”. Our primary activities are –

  • Branding Solutions
  • Design/Web Solutions
  • Applications Development

We believe that the visual aesthetics and thought-based design goes a long way in motivating a user and impressing upon him a strong positive perception of the organization itself. It is a fact that “we decide how something is based on how it looks in the first sight”. When you see something the desire to pursue and explore it greatly resides on the impact the visual sight makes on your mind. 

This whole idea of the start-up dates back to January, 2011 when Sandeep meets a person who needs some design to be done for his new product. “I have a company and we do design” Sandeep says to him, comes back to institute, forms a team and voila, it has grown into a full-fledged design firm now! We realized all that an entrepreneur needs is a small opening into the world to get started. Till date we have worked with a varied set of clients, ranging from Online Social Media Service Providers to Medical Services’ companies to Publishing houses to Educational institutions. This proves our versatility in understanding the needs of an organization and delivering organization/market/business model specific banding support.

Being a design firm, our business does not really require a huge investment; this was an advantage for us since we were all students. Whatever money we got from our clients in the initial stages became our investment later on.

We did not really follow a strategy to get clients. Whenever we had people ready with us, we had clients too. All one needs in this field is to maintain quality. One client recommended Desto to another client. Some other client impressed with our work got back to us with another project. Apart from this, we placed some posters in our college and did some online publicity to get more clients.

Our organization primarily has two key features that we want to continue to pursue and master over time:

  • The Science of Design
  • Space and time independent work culture

We believe that design is not just an art but also a science. We create and implement standard procedures for all kinds of design processes which in turn leads to the best quality output. We are currently recruiting more designers and adding our services portfolio. There are various streams and platforms coming up like web 2.0, html 5, iphone and android apps etc. Desto wishes to step its foot in all such areas and in near future, we wish to become the one-stop shop for all creative and technical needs of a company. When it comes to branding, we also do ground-level execution of our ideas and strategies. For example, we don’t just leave the work saying “it will be good if you distribute so many stickers in so and so area to increase your sales” to a client. We can also take up the task of printing, distribution and follow-up as well which is one unique difference between Desto and other design firms out there.

Currently, we are in the process of developing an online portal for a streamlined work flow which reduces the burden on our clients as well as our designers and programmers. This portal is definitely going to be our USP.

This is briefly what Desto is all about. You can find out more at

Follow us on facebook here.

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