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Events roundup

Hi everyone,

This is Ravi, creative design head at Desto Creative Solutions. Here is a brief write up about my takeaways from various meetings and conferences that I attended in the recent past.

#1 Design Camp

Venue: CLT, IIT Madras and IIT Madras Research Park

Date: 29-30 September, 2012

Registration: Free for conference on day 1; 3000 for workshop on day 2

My journey of events started with Design Camp 2012. It’s a two day event – conference on first day (free for all); workshop on second day (paid). I was lucky enough to get a free pass to the workshop as well, thanks to Saptarshi my junior at IIT who has helped organize design camp through his designclub, IIT Madras. The first day showcased a set of awesome presentations that included evangelists from Adobe and Microsoft talking about their latest products. Two of the talks were focused on Windows 8 apps design and development and being a fan of the metro theme or the windows 8 UI theme, I totally loved these talks. Three workshops happened on the next day and I attended the branding workshop by Saurabh. We had fun with a couple of group activities related to effective branding communication.

Of course, there was free lunch on both days and t-shirts and badges were put for sale.

#2 Create the web tour by Adobe

Venue: The institution of engineers, Egmore, Chennai

Date: 13 December, 2012

Registration: free

It was a 3 hour talk and demonstration of Adobe’s latest products launched in the name of edge series. I personally loved Adobe Edge Animate and Brackets. Edge animate is an after effects-like software through which you can generate html/css/javascript code for complex web pages or animations quite easily. You move things over screen and it generates the code for you! It surely is the next big thing to watch out for in the web design space. Brackets is an open source live code editor. Checkout html.adobe.com for more information on these products. You can follow the hashtag #createtheweb on twitter to know more details about this event.

People who took part in active discussion were given cool adobe/html5/css3 badges and other goodies. And there was unlimited free pizza and drinks!

#3 D.A.M. Fest

Venue: Ganesh Thottam, Auroville, Pondichery

Date: 19-20 January, 2013

Registration: Rs. 500 for 2 days

If there was a time in the recent past in my life that I cared about nothing, did nothing and chilled out for 2 days at a stretch, it was during D.A.M. fest. I think Pondicherry is one of the reasons for such a chillax feeling. Clear night skies, cool sea breeze, empty mighty beach area, lodge at 100 ft from the sea water – all of these added to the ambience of our 2 day stay at Pondy. Design+Art+Music – the three art forms merged into a single festival (D.A.M.) for the first time at Ganesh Thottam in Auroville, a very serene and peaceful place. I met lot of new creative people who are like-minded. We won vouchers from Koolkart and Ayesha in a couple of group events. I got my face drawn by an amazing artist and it became my facebook profile picture now. It was great to know that D.A.M. fest became one of the calendar events of Pondy meaning it will happen every year!

It is organized by Inklink, a non-profit organization founded by Kaustav Sen Gupta, professor at NIFT. So, we also had a nice time flirting with the NIFT girls out there 😉

#4 11th Photoshop User Group Meet

Venue: IIT Madras Research Park

Date: 16 February, 2013

Registration: free

This is my first PUG meetup and I totally loved it. It featured some lightning talks on various topics related to art, UX, VFX etc. The FACT FACT FACT session was awesome and I wish it could be longer in the next meetup. In this session, I learnt that the word pixel arrived from “picture+element” and that Pepsi was named after pepsin and it’s logo colors are also inspired by the color of this enzyme.  The heart symbol that we all use has actually come from the shape of a flower. Then there was a group activity with a tamil name that I cannot recollect where we essentially had to make a movie poster out of a magazine. We were formed into groups and given a magazine, knife, gum, a paper frame and 15 minutes. We came up with some cool collage and made a movie poster title “Love”. Prizes were given for the people who won the wallpaper design contest held online and I cursed myself for not participating in spite of knowing it.

Free biscuits and drinks again!

#5 Metarefresh 2013

Venue: Brigade Millennium Complex, J.P. Nagar, Bangalore

Date: 22-23, February, 2013

Registration: Rs. 3000 for 2 days

Metarefresh is an event on “user experience on the web” organized by Hasgeek every year. This 2-day long event had some kick-ass talks on various topics including web accessibility, mobile accessibility, how to defend the web, quest for graphical web, design thinking, BEM, web security etc. This is a place to meet some really, really, really awesome people. I had the lucky opportunity to interact one-on-one with Shyamala Pragya, UX designer at Amazon during lunch. I discussed few of my out-of-the-box design ideas with her and got good feedback. I also got to meet UX designers from Cleartrip (one of the sponsors), Redbus and the like.

One of my favorite quotes from the event that stresses the importance of UX design – “People ignores design that ignores people”. You can watch videos of all the talks for free on hasgeek. Follow the hashtag #metarefresh on twitter to get updates from this event which will be happening every year.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner were provided. But what I loved the most was unlimited tea/coffee/snacks available throughout the day! All the participants got a badge to show off 🙂


That’s about it for the day. I totally loved each one of these events and looking forward to attending more such in the future. If you know about or attending some cool events like these, don’t forget to ping me.

Raviteja Govindaraju



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Infographics Part II

Read infographics part 1 here.

Today, let us talk about the different types of infographics that exist. Infographics can be classified based on the nature of their usage or the type of content (information) they present.

Based on the nature of usage, one can classify infographics as

  • Static
  • Dynamic
  • Interactive
  • Animated or motion

Static infographic:

  • Relatively easy to design
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Can be printed
  • Easily shared (since it is just a picture) – In other words, anyone can access it without having to go to another link whereas interactive infographics may need the user to come to the place where it is hosted (not always)


Dynamic infographic:

  • Almost like a static infographic but has elements that move (GIF images)
  • Great to watch on the web but cannot be printed
  • Costs higher than a static and lower than an interactive/animated infographic


Interactive infographic:  

  • Interactivity makes it really interesting and informative
  • The user will see what data he wants
  • Usually coded in html/css/js or Flash
  • Tougher to make
  • Expensive and cannot be printed
  • May have browser and/or device compatibility issues
  • But totally worth it!


By Movoto

Animated/Motion infographic:

  • Videos are always great to watch
  • Buffering problems in slow internet connections
  • Tough to make
  • Expensive
  • Of course, cannot be printed


Based on the type of content, one may classify infographics as

  • infographics that deal with data (numbers, statistics, charts and the like) – Lets call them data graphics
  • infographics that deal with general information – Lets call them creative infographics
  • combination of the above

Data graphics:

  • Deals primarily with numbers
  • Contains different types of charts and graphs to depict the numbers in the data


How big is BIG?


Creative infographics:

  • Presents information in a creative way that doesn’t really deal with numbers
  • Creates an interesting story using graphics


Dismal state of Engineering in India


Infographics can be a combination of the above two types.


How To Lose Your Hearing


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Posters for Avaz – an app for kids with autism

Invention Labs has developed an app for kids with autism named “Avaz”. We designed 2 A1 sized posters that the client can use in international conferences.

Infographic poster:


Informative poster:


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Desto on Quora

Q. How did Desto begin, and more importantly, what can students learn about student life and opportunities at IIT-M from their story?

A. Sandeep Mederametla attended Tata Jagriti Yatra during December 2010 – January 2011. He came across a person who was starting up a company and needed some design/branding support. Sandeep was always interested in the blend of art and technology and hence the field of Graphic design. He even bunked a fortnight of his sixth semester since he was participating in the Yatra. So, he came back around mid-January and started looking for potential people who can design well. First, he himself tried doing something in Photoshop but it did not come out well. Then he contacted 2 other persons yet the result was not too great. Next, he contacted me as I had finished my tenure of Shaastra (annual technical festival of IIT Madras) 2010 Design Core and was in a burn out period after heavy work. Being a workaholic myself and an ardent design enthusiast, I was also looking for a good design project… [Read more]


Q. What are the different roles of the co-founders at Desto? What are some important takeaways for IIT-M students about startup teams, from how Desto operates?

A. Regarding the roles we play –
Not very defined. There is of course a designation we assigned to ourselves. But that is not the end of it.
Any organization can be divided into two – inside and outside. Rohit acts as the face of Desto i.e. he represents Desto outside. He gets business and deal with clients (pitching proposals, submitting work, getting feedback etc.) He plays a major role in deciding the pricing
and timeline for Desto projects. He also takes part in planning the way ahead for any project. Sandeep majorly works for Desto inside – dealing with our employees (finding the right people, assigning and managing projects, setting deadlines etc.) I design and manage all design that happens at Desto. Ram codes and manage all coding that happens at Desto… [Read more]


Q. What kind of discipline is required to be a 9 Pointer as well as a Startup Co Founder in IIT-M?

A. As obvious as it may sound, the answer to the question is ‘planning’. But it’s too generic and so I will try to tell what I have gone through when I started up though I am not exactly a 9 pointer. (But pretty close :P) So, what should one do to be a 9 pointer and also run a firm? Actually, becoming an entrepreneur adds both positively and negatively to one’s academic career. Fortunately, there are ways of dealing with the negative effects putting you at an advantage, effectively…[Read more]

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Infographics Part I

What are infographics?

Infographics = Information + Graphics i.e. graphical representation of information; Infographics are quick and clear visual representations of large chunks of data. They are usually made up of different elements such as bar graphs, pie charts, maps, signs, pictograms, vector art, clipart, illustrations etc. The prime focus of infographics is creativity! How do you present large, boring data in an interesting manner? is all what matters in an infographic.

Why infographics?

Infographics are a great way of making people read something. They are usually used as a marketing tool for generating traffic for a site. The impact an infographic creates is huge and the investment on an infographic is only the cost of getting it designed. They are meant to be shared on social media and get viral. This would give a lot of backlinks for the company involved and this would add to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of its site as well.

The way we do it:

These are the steps involved in making an infographic:

  • Gathering information (research)
  • Editing the information (removing unnecessary info and converting the necessary info into a suitable form)
  • Innovating on how to present the information (coming up with concepts such as bar graphs, maps, signs, pie charts etc.)
  • Developing a theme for the infographic
  • Making a wireframe (without the actual design; like a mockup)
  • Taking clients approval
  • Making the actual design
  • Review and feedback
  • Deliver

And this snap of ours summarizes the aforementioned process:

Our previous works:

We are designing a series of infographics on topics related to engineering in India for our client http://www.gyancentral.com and two of them are published as of now.

You can see them at



Stay tuned to our facebook page to get more updates on what we are doing!

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SmartCSS by Chaitanya Munukutla

We are proud to present you SmartCSS, a short booklet written by Chaintanya Munukutla, who interned with us this summer (May-July 2012). In this book, Chaitanya shares the knowledge he gained by working as a front end developer at Desto.


*Due to a technical glitch in embedding issuu in wp blog, we directly present you the link.
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3D Interior Renders

At Desto, we always try to enter new genres of design. This is our first work in 3D interior designs, produced for a client’s residence in Chennai.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Our first Infographic

This is Ravi, Co-Founder and Head, Creative Design, Desto Creative Solutions.  At Desto, we are constantly trying out new genres of design. This week, we are into designing infographics. The following is my own resume and our first infographic.

Comments welcome 🙂

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