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Posters for Avaz – an app for kids with autism

Invention Labs has developed an app for kids with autism named “Avaz”. We designed 2 A1 sized posters that the client can use in international conferences.

Infographic poster:


Informative poster:


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Print design tips #2

continued from Print design tips #1

#3 (Hoardings | Billboards | Posters)

The main point about the items in this category is that they are OOH (Out of Home) media.

They are different from the above 2 categories in a way that the items in the first two categories are given to a person. The person will take them in his hand and read them. Whereas in this case, be it banners or billboards or hoardings or posters, they are fixed in one position; People will come and read it or have a glance while travelling on road.

So, the focus is to divert the eye onto the hoarding! Another important aspect is that these hoardings, billboards etc. should not be information heavy. People don’t have time or patience to stop and read information heavy banners. Even if they do, they don’t remember. Hoardings are usually put at places where we just have a glance at, as we are travelling by the road. In this case, information-heavy banners are not needed. In fact, they should not be used! A good, clean design immediately attracts attention. Simplicity is the key here!

Look at the following hoarding of Dr. SRK Next Generation school, Nellore district.

It is simple and conveys the information that there is a school coming up and it is different from others. This small bit of information is enough to create a buzz among the town. Word of mouth publicity occurs best when such ads are placed. This way, people who are interested will naturally come to visit the school or call the concerned people. After a month or two, once this concept of a new school is well-known in the town, then a new information-heavy banner can be designed and put up.

This is what some famous companies do in their ad campaigns. First, they create an awareness and a buzz. After it gets popular and things get moving among their target audience, they start to convey the actual information.

Ask the client what is the most important feature that needs to be conveyed in such works and try to design accordingly. You should also find out the goal of this hoarding. Is it to make people contact the client? If yes, the contact number should be highlighted. Is it to convey a sales promotion offer like 20% off? Then highlight it in the design.


#4 (Packaging | Business cards | Letterheads | Merchandise)

All the items in this category can be attributed to the brand image of a company. One has to understand the client`s business thoroughly to come with a design theme in his publicity material. Ask the following questions to the client –

What is your business?

What are your products/services?

What is your USP?

Who are your competitors?

Describe the mood of your organization?

With all these inputs, develop a theme in terms of design and all materials such as business cards, calenders, mugs, t shirts etc. should be in coherent with the theme. Make your client`s image different from that of his competitors. For example, if the competitor uses a blue colored theme everywhere, make your client`s theme red. This will basically differentiate him from others and make people aware of a new brand in the making.

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