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Desto on Quora

Q. How did Desto begin, and more importantly, what can students learn about student life and opportunities at IIT-M from their story?

A. Sandeep Mederametla attended Tata Jagriti Yatra during December 2010 – January 2011. He came across a person who was starting up a company and needed some design/branding support. Sandeep was always interested in the blend of art and technology and hence the field of Graphic design. He even bunked a fortnight of his sixth semester since he was participating in the Yatra. So, he came back around mid-January and started looking for potential people who can design well. First, he himself tried doing something in Photoshop but it did not come out well. Then he contacted 2 other persons yet the result was not too great. Next, he contacted me as I had finished my tenure of Shaastra (annual technical festival of IIT Madras) 2010 Design Core and was in a burn out period after heavy work. Being a workaholic myself and an ardent design enthusiast, I was also looking for a good design project… [Read more]


Q. What are the different roles of the co-founders at Desto? What are some important takeaways for IIT-M students about startup teams, from how Desto operates?

A. Regarding the roles we play –
Not very defined. There is of course a designation we assigned to ourselves. But that is not the end of it.
Any organization can be divided into two – inside and outside. Rohit acts as the face of Desto i.e. he represents Desto outside. He gets business and deal with clients (pitching proposals, submitting work, getting feedback etc.) He plays a major role in deciding the pricing
and timeline for Desto projects. He also takes part in planning the way ahead for any project. Sandeep majorly works for Desto inside – dealing with our employees (finding the right people, assigning and managing projects, setting deadlines etc.) I design and manage all design that happens at Desto. Ram codes and manage all coding that happens at Desto… [Read more]


Q. What kind of discipline is required to be a 9 Pointer as well as a Startup Co Founder in IIT-M?

A. As obvious as it may sound, the answer to the question is ‘planning’. But it’s too generic and so I will try to tell what I have gone through when I started up though I am not exactly a 9 pointer. (But pretty close :P) So, what should one do to be a 9 pointer and also run a firm? Actually, becoming an entrepreneur adds both positively and negatively to one’s academic career. Fortunately, there are ways of dealing with the negative effects putting you at an advantage, effectively…[Read more]

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